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About Me

Determined to help you get it right

My name is Annie Bane and I am a Nutritional Physiologist. I have a doctorate degree from Baylor University in Kinesiology, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Health Promotions. I am a professor at Abilene Christian University and do research pertaining to Parkinson's disease and endothelial/vascular function. I am a Nutritional Physiologist at The Fieldhouse in Abilene. My husband, Justin and I own The Fieldhouse and have a TV show on the NEW Magnolia Network. Nutrition is my true love and I believe it is linked to everything about you...your mood, your weight, your health, your longevity. I work with clients that need more than a "cookie cutter" solution to their health struggles. I don't believe there is EVER a "one size fits all" way to prescribe nutrition. My goal is to obtain as much information about you and your health as possible, strategize research-backed solutions and write you a customized nutrition plan to help you heal from the inside out.

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